What is a Boutique Cycling Studio?

It’s a studio that is much smaller, less than 20 bikes and offers specialized services or products.  The atmosphere is very personalized, much like receiving VIP service or the professionalism and attention of a concierge.  We are exactly that.  We have 14 bikes available for reserving per session.  Our instructors are well educated, hold certifications as Spin Instructors and Fitness Professionals, and have specialized certifications and training in the field of power-based training.

What style of riding do you do? 

We are all about traditional indoor cycling.  Let’s put it this way……we don’t dance on the bike, we don’t go clubbing on the bike, we don’t do weights or hold any other weighted object while on the bike, we don’t ride or even spin on the bike…..we work and train… on the bike.  We hold safety, form, and technique in high regard.  What can we say, we’re old school, and proud of it.

What’s the difference between a rhythm ride and a performance ride?

A rhythm ride goes with the beat or cadence of the music.  This is how the majority of indoor cycling facilities ride.  A performance ride is all about training for power, strength, heart rate, endurance specifics.  Music is a motivator but not necessarily choreographed to the riders pedaling and body movements.  Our instructors implement both ride styles in each of their sessions, giving you the complete experience.


Do you have daycare?

Unfortunately, we do not.

Can I come in anytime and ride on my own?

Absolutely! Our studio is your studio. Any time between scheduled sessions members are always welcome. We are open 5:30am – 8:00pm M-F/6:30am-3:00pm Sat.

Can my children come Spin?

We love it when kids come in to ride.  As long as they can sit and, pedal on the bike safely with proper form you’re more than welcome to bring the family. Minimum height to ride safely is 4’10”.

What’s your cancelation policy?

Early cancelation is considered canceling more than 2 hours prior to class start time and will not be charged. Late cancelation is canceling 2 hours or less before class start time and will accrue a charge of the current drop-in rate of $15.  No shows are also charged the drop-in rate of $15.

How do I register for a session?

You have a few options. The easiest is to download our App – Cycle Corps Fitness – from the App store or Google Play store.  The next easiest option is our website, www.cyclecorpsfitness.com.  Go to the schedules page and click the session you want.  If it’s your first time you’ll be asked to create your account and then you’ll be taken to the payment section.  Make sure to click introductory offer for your free first training session.  You can then reserve your bike.

What’s the earliest I can register?

6 days before the scheduled session.

Can I register for a session through the MindBody App?

Yes, you can find our schedule there.  However, you don’t have the option to reserve your bike.  It is assigned to you automatically.  Registering through our mobile app or website does let you reserve your bike of choice.

I registered for my session through the website but it didn’t let me reserve a bike

Make sure you have shared your email with us.  You’ll be emailed a summary of your workouts following every session.  We also send you a brief reminder of your upcoming reservations.

It’s my first session.  What should I expect?

Plan on coming 15 minutes early.  If it’s in the morning make sure to have a little something in your stomach. Bring water and towel.  If you forget we have towels you can use, no charge.  If you’re not familiar with our bikes we’ll get you set up properly and go over safety, proper technique and just make sure you’re comfortable.

Class or Training Session?

We approach and plan every class as a training session.  There is a lot of purpose and depth to how we work with our members and it’s our objective to make sure every member is consistently improving while they see and feel constant change with themselves.  This is why we train.

Do you offer anything else other than Spinning?

Yes.  We offer CrossCore and Yoga. CrossCore is Rotational Bodyweight Training (RBT).  This is similar to TRX Suspension Training, with added rotational movements.  We also implement attachment training using Kettlebells and Sandbags with CrossCore.  A CrossCore session can basically include it all.   HIIT, battle ropes, Tabata, free weights, Bootcamp, foam rolling, circuits, kettlebells, sandbags and whatever else we decide to throw at you. In addition to Spinning, Yoga, and CrossCore, we have CycleCore, a fusion class which includes both Spinning and CrossCore.

How big are your classes?

As a boutique studio, we prefer the training sessions (classes) be small, no more than 14 with Spin, and 10 with CrossCore and 20 with Yoga. The CycleCore fusion class peaks at 20.  Our members mean everything to us and we want to make sure they receive our utmost attention and get the most out of their training session.

What does the beginner session entail?

First of all don’t even worry.  You will not die in this class.  Not even close.  A beginner class or intro to indoor cycling class will be 30-40 minutes, depending on class size and what needs need addressing.  Proper bike setup, safety, and technique followed by an easy/light 20-30 minute ride demonstrating the basic fundamentals and principles of indoor cycling.  It’s all about you, the bike and the connection in between.  Perceived Exertion, how your body feels and how it responds to work effort, is the main component of a beginner class.  Don’t forget, wear good gym shoes.

How many days a week should I spin?

It depends on your specific goals as well as the training sessions. Great results can occur with 3 training sessions per week.  It’s important to find balance with your sessions.  Not every session needs to be high intensity, high output.  Especially doing 4-6 sessions per week.   Recovery and light aerobic rides are vital.

What type of bikes do you have?

The Star Trac Spinner Blade ION.  The ION features strain-gauge technology to accurately measure the rider’s actual power output.  The bikes undergo maintenance and calibration often so riders can feel confident they are getting a precise measurement and readout of their power, kilojoules and other performance metrics.

Are cycling shoes required?  Are they available to rent?

No, cycling shoes are not required.  Regular gym shoes will work.  The more firm the sole is the better. We do recommend cycling shoes as there are many benefits from using them.

We do not rent cycling shoes.  Cycling shoes should be sized and fitted for only one individual, with the cleats professionally installed and aligned with the foot angle and width.  This is a service we offer at our studio.

What type of cleat do I need for my cycling shoes?

Our pedals are compatible with both SPD cleats and LOOK Delta.

Are heart rate monitors required?  Are they available at the studio?

Let’s just say this….every training session includes heart rate awareness and training.  We encourage members to always wear one.  HR sensors are available for you to check out before the session starts.  The chest straps, which the sensors snap on to, are available to purchase at a discount price.

If I want to purchase my own HR monitor which one do I get?

Polar, Garmin and most others with chest strap sensors pair up well with our bikes.  Any monitor that is Ant+ capable would be the best.  Apple watches and FitBit are not compatible.